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Theres no job too big or too small for us to take on. 

Comercial Security

With state of the art systems and technology, combined with the right security personnel and risk consultation, you’ve got a strong security presence for your commercial property.

Your security guards have to be trained to be able to immediately detect the out of ordinary activity on your premises. Whether it’s with a visitor, contractor, tenant, or a customer.

It’s imperative to have security guards frequently trained not only on the latest security innovations & strategies but to have situational awareness as it relates to your commercial property.   

Our security guards will protect your assets from security threats such as floods, fires, theft, vandalism, and acts of sabotage. 

Our security personnel is carefully selected and trained for First Aid, AED, CPR, Fire Safety, ADA Compliance and more as required by your commercial property needs.

Construction Security

With highly attentive and responsive guards, crime tends to look elsewhere; deterring incidents before they happen. 

Incidents such as raw materials theft, equipment theft, trespassing, illegal dumping of items like large furniture and more.

You need guards that are responsive to fires and other emergencies on site. 

Your guards need to be trained well enough to be able to direct emergency personnel to the correct location in a timely and efficient manner.

And to guide employees, and contractors to their designated areas of duties.

Car Rental Security Services

Interforce is the called upon industry leader within the car rental security services sector. We’re securing the premises of some of the biggest car rental company across Canada.

With innovation and a large pool of experienced security guards within the industry, it’s no surprise Interforce is the #1 option for car rental physical security services.

General Security

Interforce employs only the best physical security guards across Canada. All of our guards are trained in first aid, fire prevention, and emergency response.

Our guards will complete scheduled patrols around your premises with a scanner showing their physical presence in key required areas.

Interforce’s general security guard duties also typically include CCTV and alarm panel monitoring. Alongside with key control and more as required. 

Concierge Security

Interforce’s mandate for concierge security has service at heart, the kind you would expect at a 5-star resort. 

Your concierge is the face of your building, and often the first point of contact servicing your guests, staff, and residents.

Our concierge service includes access control, handling noise complains, parking enforcement, transfers of packages/ parcels, moving facilitation, bookings for common areas and more. 

Residential Security

You’ve worked hard to keep your tenants satisfied and reduce vacancies while having to keep the cost of services low. 

Interforce understands that which is exactly why Interforce services Buildings across Canada, increasing Tenant Satisfaction, providing peace of mind and with competitive rates for Security Guard Services. 

Interforce is happy to serve your security needs from the ground level to as far as you need it.

Our professional security guards duties include enforcement of the Trespass to Property Act & Criminal Code of Canada, and Lease & Building by-law enforcement.

Our experienced guards and Interforce Security Operations Center, ISOC, work around the clock to ensure the integrity of your building is protected. 

Film Production & Movie Shoot Security Services

Interforce is a called upon a leader within Canada for film production security services.

Our guards are experienced in pedestrian access control, keeping pedestrians, fans, and spectators at a safe distance from the cast and crew members.

Interforce guards work hard to make sure the movie shoot is conducted without interference from security threats. 

Our guards will direct traffic from around the movie sets where traffic lanes are narrowed, and also provide traffic access control for restricted areas. 

Especial Events Security Services

Interforce provides guards that are trained for event crowd control to ensure the event flows as smooth as possible and according to plan.

The guards follow a strict protocol of how to handle emergencies in the unfortunate circumstances, the goal is to neutralize the security threat as soon as possible to minimize the effects of it on the event.

Retail Loss Prevention

Interforce’s retail loss prevention works both covert and overt, providing protection for department/ retail stores, distribution centers, and warehouses. The goal of our loss prevention department is to minimize theft.

One of the greatest challenges to revenues for any business is theft. You work hard to keep your company running, is anyone watching who’s stealing from your bottom line?

Interforce understands this is a huge concern, which is exactly why we specialize in it. To begin, thieves think twice when they see a security guard in uniform. But our job only begins there, Interforce uses covert camera technology to arrest and press charges on those stealing from your business, with evidence.

Having loss prevention on your premises can save you lots of unpredictable revenues in the long run. Especially when statistics show, the majority of theft typically is connected to internal theft by current employees.